Liberated Cloud and DGIT empower cloud marketplace

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Liberated Cloud and DGIT empower cloud marketplace after winning cloud service bundling award

Dublin-UK, November 04, 2014 

Liberated Cloud and DGIT announced today that they will be collaborating further to empower the cloud marketplace by providing automated brokerage, order management, orchestration and delivery between buyers and sellers.

The partnership, which was established in 2013, has gone from strength to strength after both companies won TM Forum’s “Most significant contribution to Frameworx” award alongside NBNCo, Cisco, AT&T, BT, Orange and Vodafone NZ. The award was received in recognition of the significant extensions to standards and best practices implemented by their innovative cloud software offering. These extensions allow a truly agile marketplace to form reducing cost, risk and time to market for both buyers and suppliers.

“Innovation frequently emanates from new, agile companies, and DGIT and Liberated Cloud are proud to demonstrate leadership in this fragmented marketplace for cloud buyers and sellers. A cloud marketplace which includes network, infrastructure and application services will allow service providers to monetize their customers and CIO’s to seamlessly outsource”, explains Clive Deakin, CTO, Liberated Cloud. “Enterprises and service providers want to avoid being locked-in to a single cloud and they value a solution that enables automated brokerage, order management, orchestration and delivery in order to realise the cloud’s complete potential.”

Greg Tilton, Chairman and CTO of DGIT elaborated, “DGIT and Liberated Cloud are leaders in B2B for application, infrastructure and network services, and have proven their combined innovative cloud strength with the TM Forum award. The synergies between the organisations made the decision to grow the partnership easy.”


About Liberated Cloud Limited (

Liberated Cloud enables the delivery of an independent and comprehensive portfolio of cloud computing products through a one-stop shop that meets business and operational needs without the hassle of dealing with multiple providers.


About DGIT (

Formed in Australia in 2005, DGIT provides the Telflow Service Delivery Platform software as well as IT Professional Services to Telco and Cloud Companies. DGIT is an internationally established innovator in the Telecommunications market.


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