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New products launched in hours.

Your ideas, streamlined and delivered to market in less than a day.

Own your products

Designed with Product Managers in mind, Telflow allows you to design and configure independently of I.T. That means less lag and more time spent on new products.

Plug-in partners

With Telflow, it’s easy to create product bundles from internal and external partners and streamline the order process.

Lead the way

Forget limited I.T. systems. Providing increased configurability and transparency, Telflow’s Dynamic Service Delivery Platform redefines business agility.

An interface worth staring at

Great UX – Check! Telflow’s interface is simple to use and mighty intuitive.

Telflow Composer
Telflow Operations

A system that works around you.

Intuitive enough to understand you. Transparent enough so you can understand it.

Operations, streamlined

Amazing levels of transparency. Live views into the process engine coupled with advanced SLA management.

A step-by-step approach to risk

Telflow lets you manage project delivery risk in incrementally, by allowing greater product, process and data configurability.

Control freaks unite

For maximum efficiency and traceability, Telflow offers unprecedented access – letting you get behind-the-scenes, day and night.

Work the way you want

With Telflow, you can tailor your systems to suit you. Add tags, lists and filters – whatever you need!

Groundbreaking levels of configurability.

Plug and play any way you like.

Configure instead of code

With Telflow, you lose the I.T. lag and configure a new product yourself within hours, not months.

Pluggable architecture

Telflow’s all about instant, seamless integration. Unplug, replace, or complement your existing systems with ease.

Low life cycle costs

Designed for ease of product testing, Telflow’s flexibility lets you get it just right from the start.

Hello business. Meet I.T.

With streamlined data modelling, Telflow cuts product-development times, bringing business and I.T. back onto the same page.

Telflow Inventory

Telflow and your business.

Make a small change.

Telflow works alongside your existing systems landscape. You can pick and choose which parts of Telflow you’d like to use and have them integrated cleanly and quickly into your existing architecture. That means business as usual, only a whole lot better.

Make a big change.

Telflow takes a layered approach to managing change. Migrate a product line. Replace a system. However you choose to do it, Telflow’s flexible architecture will make the transition so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


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