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An elegant architecture.

Telflow is a modular, standards based, pre-built integration platform with a pluggable application suite.

Telflow offers a more fluid approach to working – ensuring design time models seamlessly into run time.

What’s more, Telflow can be applied selectively to Product, Service and Resource layers of the PSR hierarchy. Thanks to a flexible a architecture and standards based interfaces, third party application integration is a snap.


Whether you are looking for a complete solution or a targeted enhancement, the Telflow architecture supports your needs.

  • Componentized applications
  • Common information model
  • Standards based API’s

Telflow Design Time.

Telflow’s intuitive interface lets you design your data models and workflow. Drag and drop, compose your hierarchies, then hit publish and you’re done.

Layered design and composition.

Develop your own hierarchies with Telflow. Sort them by Products, Services, Resource and Supplier Partner entities. And do it all on a single interface.

Intelligent Workflow

With Telflow Process Modeling, you can graphically produce BPMN 2.0 compliant processes. What’s more, you can extend the platform function blocks at any time.

Catalog Driven Inventory

Telflow gives you the tools to keep things under control – tag, review versions and lifecycle management at any time.

Manage Change

Telflow design tools keep things under control with version, tagging and lifecycle management.

An immediate transition into run time.

Unlike other systems, Telflow acts as part of the team – offering a seamless transition from design time into run time.


Telflow Portal dynamically consumes specifications & rules from design time specifications to support zero-code product releases. Coupled with HTML5 technology and the latest web frameworks, Telflow Portal delivers an amazing user experience. Modular Portal architecture. Role based access control. Enterprise Directory Integration.

Order Management

With Telflow Order Manager, you can capture, store and manage customer orders from one highly intuitive interface. New, Modification and Termination Orders consider PSR versions and Active Inventory to assure order management integrity. Live views into the process engine plus deep SLA management means on-time delivery for all your orders.


Telflow B2B provides implementations of ebXML, REST, SOAP & JMS messaging and interface standards, with a clean message based integration back into Telflow Fabric. Customers can plug their own gateways into the Telflow B2B architecture or leverage Telflow’s out of the box components.


Intuitive to the point of human, Telflow Tasks gives Operations teams the ability to streamline their workflow and proactively manage order fallout. Prioritise and tag your tasks, search and filter. Whatever it is, you’ll be given 100% visibility to track and mange your delivery the whole way through.


Working alongside Telflow is the BPMN 2.0 process engine. Through blending automated and manual tasks, this workflow offers structured data and flexible integration options.

  • BPMN 2.0 process engine
  • Excellent traceability of process versions and business rules
  • Event based integration into the Telflow Platform
  • Rich actions library to rapidly build processes
  • Configurable human tasks
  • Team and Individual aware

Integration Fabric

Built on a high-performance, reliable messaging platform, Telflow Fabric is the centralised routing and mediation component for all communications and integration across the Telflow Platform. Packaged with a suite of TMF based Business Services, SID Based Common Information Model, and a rich set of JMS, SOAP & REST APIs integration is fast and simple.

Active Inventory

Manage and record a history of every change made with Telflow’s Active Inventory.

Telflow Inventory manages and records a history of all changes made to inventory. Active inventory ensures that a customer’s product configuration as well as the configuration of underlying resources is always known. Inventory is specification driven so when product services and resources are modelled in design time, active inventory is already configured.

Talk to us to find out what Telflow can do for your organisation.

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