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MELBOURNE, Australia – October 12th 2017 – The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF),  has now published the LSO Sonata Interface SDK, where DGIT Systems has been a significant contributor to the specification. DGIT Systems was recently involved with the award-winning Catalyst “Partnering Platform for MEF services”. In this project championed by MEF, PCCW Global, Orange and Vodafone, Telflow natively implements the Sonata interface to drive automated provisioning into partner systems.

DGIT Systems has simultaneously announced today that Sonata Ordering Interface is available with Telflow to use for B2B partner integration. Telflow compliments this with the Telflow dynamic partner portal so when you configure and publish a product within the Telflow Catalog it is immediately available for ordering via either web portal or through the MEF Sonata Ordering API.

Greg Tilton, CEO of DGIT Systems “DGIT Systems is proud to have been involved in the specification and proving of this new industry interface. We are confident that we have backed a winner with this one as it has both a flexible technical implementation and immediate adoption.”

DGIT Systems is constantly committed to innovate and foster interoperability capabilities, thus facilitating partnering and offering innovative new digital services to market more rapidly.

You can download the full Press Release here.

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