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Telflow Solutions.

Change is inevitable and with Telflow, you can decide how quickly you adopt it.

Make a small change.

Taking on Telflow doesn’t mean neglecting your current systems landscape. It means working alongside it. You can pick and choose which parts of Telflow you’d like to use and have them integrated cleanly and quickly into your existing architecture. That means business as usual, only a whole lot better.

  • Plug and Play components
  • Standards based APIs
  • Rapid deployment

Make a big change.

Get ahead of the market. At Telflow we take a layered approach to integrating change. Migrate a product line, or a system. However you choose to do it, Telflow’s flexible architecture will make the transition so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

  • Strong integration fabric
  • Common information model
  • Standards certified

One application. Many scenarios. What’s yours?

No matter where you sit in the value chain, we have you covered.

Wholesale Network Company

When it comes to Wholesale Network Companies, it’s all about streamlining functionality, across multiple channels. And at a competitive price.

With Telflow you can do just that, saving you both time and money.

Service Provider

Telco Service Provider

As a Telco Service Provider, you need a triple-pronged approach. Firstly you need to buy resources from the wholesale marketplace. Secondly, you need to add value internally. And thirdly, you need to offer something different to high value customers.

Telflow allows Product Managers to do all three, without compromising on integrity.

Digital Service Provider

As the industry changes, so do the demands. And with Cloud Services, Virtualised Network Functions (VNF) and hosted applications supplied internally, business agility is more than important than ever.

That’s why Telflow lets you bundle and orchestrate right across the ecosystem – across API, Catalogue and of course, B2B.

Digital Service Provider

See results in hours, not months.

Through groundbreaking visualisations, collaborative configuration and a reduction in I.T. lag, Telflow allows you to take ideas to fruition in less than a working day. Impressed?

  • Workshop

    For fast configuration, give us a call. We’ll help you identify and define products collaboratively.

  • Configure

    From there we’ll use the assistance of the powerful Composer to prototype, visualise and implement.

  • Test

    Next we run through a formal testing programme to give the final tick for configuration.

  • Train

    By stage four, we’re using Telflow’s intuitive user interface to train internal and external users.

  • Launch

    And finally, we're ready for the market fast to keep that competitive edge.

Talk to us to find out what Telflow can do for your organisation.

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